Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Introducing GKE Advanced— Enhanced Reliability, Simplicity and Scale for Enterprise Workloads

To quote:
Today, we’re introducing GKE Advanced, which adds enterprise-grade controls, automation and flexibility, building on what we’ve learned managing our robust worldwide infrastructure. Going forward, we’ll refer to our existing GKE offering as GKE Standard.
Here are the two GKE editions at a glance:
GKE Advanced delivers advanced infrastructure automation, integrated software supply chain tooling for enhanced security, a commitment to reliability with a financially backed SLA, and support for running serverless workloads. These new, advanced GKE features and tooling help you operate in fast-moving environments to simplify the management of workloads and clusters, and scale hands-free. You still benefit from Kubernetes’ portability and third-party ecosystem, but with an enhanced feature set. 
GKE Standard includes all the features and capabilities that are generally available today, providing a managed service for less complex projects. You can continue to take advantage of the rich ecosystem of first-party and third-party integrations in GCP, including those available in the GCP Marketplace.
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Original article written by Jerzy Foryciarz, Senior Product Manager, Google.

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