Sunday, April 28, 2019

Is It Game Over For Traditional PR?

As the place of traditional media has shifted, the demise of old school public relations began. Anyone with an internet connection now has the potential to be an opinionated hack. Search-driven page impressions and their associated ad revenues make the writing of most stories a financial equation rather than an editorial one (Fortnite headline anyone...?). Doritogate happened. More channels than ever before have an impact on buying decisions. Influencers aren't easily influenced, and Metacritic moved the needle to such an extent that words became less important than the numbers.

In this dynamic and varied landscape, the strength of consumer voice is greater than it has ever been. It has the ability to independently drive not only the media agenda but -- as evidenced in the discussions around both loot boxes and addiction -- affect the very policies that govern our industry.

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Original article written by Cat Channon, The Treks.

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