Sunday, April 21, 2019

Real Estate Digital Marketing - 11 Things Agents Should NEVER Do!

Differentiating yourself from other real estate agents can be a challenging task. And so is finding various methods to grow your real estate business. However, if you put some good marketing to good use, you can go a long way. And since almost 90% of prospective clients start their home-buying journey online, you should definitely focus on digital marketing!

To build a strong online presence, you must put in place a well-considered marketing strategy that spreads across several digital channels. Having a website, a blog, engaging on social media and sending newsletters to your customers are just a few of the approaches to be mixed and matched. This helps to cover more ground and garners more exposure, thus driving more leads and eventually more clients.

But the world of marketing does have its ways, so it’s important be wary about the rules that apply to these different channels. It can be a bit overwhelming to delve in all of them at once, so to give you a few preliminary pointers, we put together a list of 11 things you should NEVER do when it comes to real estate digital marketing.

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Original article written by Christina Jisa, Yardi.

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