Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Golden Age Of Influencer Marketing Is Yet To Come

Influencer marketing has an incredibly well-established position right now. It will not only continue to grow in popularity, but it will also become a deeper, more purposeful, and more effective way for brands to engage audiences on social media channels. In a world where the role of brands is precarious, human connection has become the key consumer currency.

This all-important human connection emanates from authentic stories told through influential voices. In the future, expect to see brands leveraging influencers for more than sound-bites. Real, relatable, and reaction-evoking social storytelling is on the rise. The most successful partnerships with influencers will be approached through the lens of “social storytelling” and not as “sponsored content.”

Brands will also engage influencers on a more long-term basis. Long-term partnerships empower influencers to tell in-depth stories that ultimately drive consumers through the purchase journey.

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Original article written by Aleksandra Milewicz, TNW.

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