Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Three Ways To Leverage AI And Keep Pace With The Future Of Digital Marketing

From personal assistants to legal counsel on parking fines, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have established their potential as disruptive technology that will alter industries.

With each passing day, further discoveries enable AI to become more sophisticated and viable in our world. Naturally, like all things digital, AI has had a profound impact on digital marketing as well. From Google’s RankBrain search engine algorithm to Amazon’s personalized recommendations, it is powering the world’s leading organizations and changing the face of the modern digital marketing landscape.

Currently, I work as senior vice president of marketing at CUJO AI, an AI-driven network security and intelligence company. We are in a prime position to witness how machine learning can shake up a whole industry. Our algorithms help to classify and protect gigantic amounts of data and cover more than 325 million devices in the United States.

This kind of scale would not be possible if we didn’t combine human intelligence and ML algorithms -- there is just too much data generated every day, and human analysts cannot analyze it all. Utilizing machine learning for this helps us to protect millions of homes in real time.

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Original article written by Indre Deksnyte, Forbes Counsil

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