Wednesday, May 1, 2019

An SEO Guide to Website Structure, Content Silos & URL Architecture

Every website will have at the very least a semblance of structure, but it’s telling just how few people put any thought into website structure either before or after they’ve built their website. And yet, site structure is one of the fundamental building blocks of an effective SEO strategy. Getting it right from the outset will allow your website to grow and develop in a way that is intuitive and understandable to the search engines crawling it.

It’s therefore important to invest time into ensuring that this, your most important digital asset, has a carefully considered and search engine friendly architecture in order to maximise all your other onsite activity, as well as offsite SEO like link building.

In this guide, I’m going to explore the science behind website architecture, what a good URL structure looks like and how this can all benefit your SEO in the years to come.

Original article written by Paul Morris, Superb Digital.

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