Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Digital Influence: Web Design's Impact On Marketing Strategy

When strategizing an integrated marketing plan for your brand, the right web design is essential. The standard for web design is no longer just function or visibility; it’s all in the details that lead to how a user will engage with your brand. From layout to color, these critical elements work together to build a digital tool that, when strategically used, can improve online marketing campaigns significantly.

It is clear that a high-quality brand website is now an integral component of any effective digital marketing strategy, and that consumer standards for web design are higher than ever. According to a 2019 Gartner report, "88% of surveyed B2B customers report that the information they encountered during a recent successful purchase decision was high quality."

And it seems that, no matter what the industry is, a website that is up to date, informative and aesthetically pleasing builds trust with potential clients and, therefore, can impact customer acquisition and conversion rates.

Digital Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

A well-crafted website can benefit a business in many tangible ways, including increased sales and leads. Effectively, a great website is its own campaign, constantly working to support the brand. What’s more is that in comparison to other marketing initiatives, a website is easily trackable, allowing brands to better understand consumer behavior and providing insight into what is and isn’t working. But how can a company get there?

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Original article written by Goran Paunovic and Forbes Agency Counsil.

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