Sunday, May 5, 2019

E-Commerce SEO: How to Gain Organic Traffic to Your Online Store in 2019

Believe it or not, keywords aren’t dead. People are always searching for new information and new products. These give you clear-cut chances to capitalize on pain points and points of interest within your target markets.

For e-commerce keyword research, most people make one big mistake: going for the big fish too quickly. It’s tempting to create content for a term like “basketball shoes,” but in reality, that’s way too competitive.

When you analyze the SERPs for it, you can infer that most people are either clicking on Google Shopping ads or stores that sell a wide variety of options.

These aren’t your money-making keywords despite how many searches they get per month. It’s extremely hard to build content around those keywords that people want to read. Instead, start segmenting your keyword research by funnel stage.

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Original article written by Jeremy Moser, Codeless.

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