Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Here Is What Is Coming To Google Image Search That Matter

For the past several months both John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google have been telling webmasters and SEOs that image search is something they should be paying more attention to. Well, now we know why - not just the 3D images but Google announced support for higher resolution images and also swipe up from an image to an AMP story from image search.

Higher Resolution Images

You'll be able to feed Google a higher resolution image via special markup that they can then use to serve in places like image search, AMP, Google Discover and other places where searchers may appreciate a much higher quality image. It will be an opt in only feature - of course the question is, if you do not opt in, what traffic are you missing out on?

Swipe Up To Navigate

We actually saw this feature back in March - Google was testing from Google Images the ability to swipe up to see the article associated with it. You need AMP for this. Google hasn't announced exactly how this will work, what markup you need, but the information will be "coming soon."

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Original article written by Barry Swartz.

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