Sunday, May 19, 2019

How AI and ML Are Changing Digital Marketing

The majority of industries are already making use of both AI and machine learning. Many enterprises are leveraging AI-powered business analytics and intelligence systems to guide their own digital transformations, something that will become increasingly important with the impending arrival of the Internet of Things.

Marketers are also using AI and machine learning in incredible ways. There are four specific examples already taking place that show just how versatile and powerful these two technological concepts can be when applied properly.

AI Is Helping Businesses Create Better Content

The major way that AI and machine learning are benefiting brands has to do with the insight it provides which enables them to create better content. Major publications are already using this to take existing data and combine it with keywords to create unique content that attracts visitors to a site. News publications like the BBC, CBS and even The New York Times have been doing this for quite a while. You’ve probably read an AI-powered story from The New York Times in the past without even realizing it – that’s how good this can be.

Things haven’t reached the point where you can have AI craft a 1,000-word nuanced opinion piece on a complex topic, but we’re probably not too far off. Still, organizations use these tools as a way to offload certain basic content creation duties so actual humans are free to focus on bigger and more important things like OTT content or videos that still need that “real” touch.

An Email Marketing Revolution

AI and machine learning are also benefiting organizations in terms of maximizing their email efforts. Marketers of all types use AI to not only personalize campaigns based on preferences and past user behaviors but also to even automate things like A/B testing (testing two different versions of an email to see which one is better).

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