Sunday, May 5, 2019

Subfolders vs. Subdomains: How It Affects Your SEO

In the ever-evolving guessing game of how to please the search engine gods, there are always new questions to consider. When it comes to the debate around using subdomains versus subfolders, even Google doesn’t provide the answer we’re looking for. To the search giant, subdomains and subfolders are equal.

Although their statement of “use what works best for your setup” is a logical one, we know there are a few obvious SEO benefits you can receive from using subdomains and a few drawbacks that may cause you to go the subfolder route. There are four main elements to consider when deciding on a subfolder or subdomain approach.

Keywords in Your URL

It’s no secret that having keywords in your URL is a strong relevancy signal for Google’s ranking algrithms. Adding the same long-tailed phrases that you’re ranking for to the URL will give you the opportunity to own that phrase from the top down.

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