Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Secrets of Meta Descriptions and SEO

Meta descriptions are a much misunderstood weapon in the search arsenal that can have a serious impact on page performance. The meta description field is your first opportunity to set out your stall and tell searchers what’s in store if they click on your link in the results. It’s a prime piece of online advertising space and one that shouldn’t be ignored.

What are meta descriptions?

The meta description field allows publishers to describe the contents of a page to help searchers understand what to expect if they click on a link. Google often uses meta descriptions as the descriptive ‘snippet’ in the results, so it’s your chance to convince searchers to click on your result rather than a competitor’s.

Do meta descriptions help with SEO?

YES - there’s little doubt in the digital marketing community that meta descriptions help performance. However, if you rephrase the question and ask whether meta descriptions are used as a ranking signal, you’ll get a resounding “NO”. What initially sounds like a contradictory set of statements soon makes sense once unpacked.

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Original article written by Nick Maynard, Ridgeway.

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