Thursday, May 2, 2019

Top 8 Video Marketing Platforms to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

From telling the story of your brand, to explaining how a product works, to showing how your service solves a problem, video is the new medium that combats the hesitancy of your audience to read long blog posts, or site content.

In today’s evolving world of digital marketing, organizations that are looking to keep up with changing trends are opting to share video on their websites and social media platforms and are attracting larger audiences.

As a professional marketer, you already know the basics when it comes to marketing your brand. You’re very familiar with the importance of social media, SEO, branding, etc. But you may not have the technical capabilities to take all that information and turn it into a video marketing platform.

Video recording and production is cheaper than ever with a huge variety of high-quality video marketing platforms. These tools will help take the story of your brand and transform it into engaging video, with easy-to-use editing software, video analytics, social sharing capabilities, and more.

Generate greater engagement and achieve your marketing goals by incorporating any of these video marketing platforms into your future marketing strategy.

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Original article written by Jeannie Dougherty

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